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The Ped Shed blog is focused on walkable urban design and sustainable placemaking. It’s a repository for essays, editorials and presentations that support new urban design practices and principles. It’s a place to collect some thoughts about sustainability and its intersection with urban design. And it’s a place for material that’s simply inspiring.

The goal of the Ped Shed blog is to be useful as a reference source as well as an opportunity for both writers and readers to learn about making walkable places.

Ped Shed blog author:
Laurence “L.J.” Aurbach is an independent writer and editor specializing in urban planning, smart growth, and new urbanism topics. He has been closely involved in the new urbanism and smart growth movements since 2000, working on a variety of topics including certification of projects, street networks, and green urbanism. He wrote the TND Design Rating Standards (listed in the EPA compilation Smart Growth scorecards) and evaluated over 1,000 neighborhood plans for the Town Paper’s TND project list. He served on the review panel for the EPA’s Award for Smart Growth Achievement in 2005, 2007, and 2008.

Aurbach helped to write several portions of the LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system, and was a member of the LEED Location and Planning Technical Advisory Group from 2008-2012, helping to administer and refine planning-related standards for all LEED systems. His editing credits include the Council Report on Green Architecture and Urbanism and The Language of Towns and Cities, among other publications. A selection of essays includes the Street Connectivity Series,Towards a Functional Classification Replacement,” and “Dense and Beautiful Stormwater Management.” He has served on the boards of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Mid-Atlantic Chapter and the Congress for the New Urbanism DC Chapter.

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